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To all my faithful readers and followers, I thank you for being here and reading this. It’s been seven months since my last post, and I am sure many of you thought I was calling it quits for this blog. I thought about that, but clearly I am back, and the blog is about to start a renaissance or resurrection or re birth, or whatever. Here is what happened.

I have been very active online in my Twitter account (now up to 19K followers) doing video interviews, debates, discussions and presentations, Facebook, and so on. I also started a YouTube channel called Faithful Syence, and made quite a few videos. Then, on the advice of an editor, I started doing podcasts. All of this has been very educational for me, since it helped me understand who I am in this modern age. And who I am not.

As it turns out, I am not a videographer, or a podcaster or an actor. I am fine with speaking spontaneously, but when I read a script I sound like a boring undertaker or accountant. My video skills are just barely adequate, but compared to most of the good channels, mine is not at all in the top rank. My YouTube channel has been stuck at just under 1000 followers, and I have no idea if anyone has listened to any of my podcast episodes (Its called “The Works of His Hands”)

As to who I am, its become clear to me that I have always known I am a scientist and a writer. I am a writer of books, letters, scientific peer-reviewed papers, magazine articles, editorials, Facebook posts and comments, speeches, sermons, scripts, newsletters, blog posts and tweets. So, since it makes a lot more sense for a writer to write than to look stupid on a video camera, I am returning my time and energy to this blog, and to other kinds of writing, and leaving the world of videos and podcasts to those who are good at that.

So, thanks for bearing with me these past months. I am finishing up some other writing projects and working on the Winter issue of God and Nature to be released shortly. And after that I will return with regular posts here. Praise God and hallelujah!

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10 Responses to Who I am

  1. The Meaning Code says:

    Hi, Sy, I wish I were more of a writer. I have stacks and stacks of notes and ideas and clips from videos that need to be put together into some coherent hole, but it’s way easier for me to talk than to write. Of course, I’m sure that’s true for everybody. What I probably lack is discipline. Anyway, I hope that your recent blog post doesn’t mean that you will no longer come on the meeting code and talk with me. I recently saw a video of Michael Levin talking about rogue cancer cells that leave the community and proliferate on their own and I thought what a perfect metaphor that was of why we need Christian fellowship.


    On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 8:14 AM The Book of Works wrote:

    > thebookofworks posted: ” To all my faithful readers and followers, I thank > you for being here and reading this. It’s been seven months since my last > post, and I am sure many of you thought I was calling it quits for this > blog. I thought about that, but clearly I am back, and the” >

  2. Thanks Karen. I wasn’t very clear (so much for being a writer). I will continue to make online appearances for interviews etc. I enjoy doing that, and dont think I am too bad at it. What I really suck at is making my own videos, its just not my thing, but technically and talent wise. So, yes, I remain available. Last week I did 3 YT videos, have one more coming on Tuesday, and I expect that will continue

  3. dgilmanjm says:

    Thanks Sy. I prefer the blogs, especially since I have almost stopped watching youtube and other videos and I get an email for every blog you post.

    If you haven’t already noticed, I have totally rejected the RNA World first Hypothesis. Both Stanley Miller and Robert Shapiro have convinced me that it is rubbish.

    You already know that I also reject the so-called “Evolution Theory”. One of my biology teachers had convinced me to reject it.

    I love reading your post even though some of our beliefs are opposed to each other. I would love your permission to quote you in my own posts and lectures.

    • Dennis, its good to see you, been a while. Of course you have permission to quote me. As for RNA world, its pretty much dead at this point, and RNA peptide world has taken its place, but I doubt that it will do much better.

  4. Bruce Cooper says:

    Hi Sy, Isaiah 30:21 NASB states “21 Your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” 🙂 Blessings!

  5. SheilaDeeth says:

    I am far more likely to read than to listen, so I’m delighted that you’re returning to the blog.

  6. dgilmanjm says:

    I also much prefer to read you than to listen to you.

    One of the atheists I debate with sent me a link to one of your interviews on a podcast (you were the guest). You are indeed a boring speaker 😀

  7. 0xblowfish says:

    Hi Dr. Garte!
    I am a 26 year old IT professional going through an intense re-establish of my faith or I guess what the cool kids say “deconstructing.” I tried following the world and doing my own thing after growing up in the church but there is no way I can escape the wonder of the gospel. I have started reading your book and was interested in seeing where you’re at currently, I am excited to see you are starting to write again. I look forward to more blog posts! I also write blogs, focused on Computers and Cybersecurity mainly. I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Thanks for your message. Currently I have been doing quite a few YouTube interviews and discussions, just finished edtiiing the Winter issue of the online magazine God and Nature, and writing lots of stuff. I would love to hear any comments or questions you might have after reading the book, and very thankful that you have not turned away from the Gospel. Welcome to this blog, and I pray we will have many interactions in the future.

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