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A Brief Interlude

I will not be posting here for the next week or so, since I am in the middle of a time crunch, with deadlines and obligations bearing down from several directions. I hope to get back to speed after I … Continue reading

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More on Biological Theory

I have studied many things in my long career in biological research. Most of my work was on applied biology. I worked, published papers, and got grants in environmental health sciences, toxicology, cancer research, molecular epidemiology, population genetics, gene-environment interactions, … Continue reading

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Accidental Will?

It has become quite popular to doubt the reality of free will. The famous atheist Sam Harris has a book about this, and the claim that free will is nothing more than an illusion can be found throughout modern atheist … Continue reading

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A Time for Us

I grew up in the middle of Brooklyn, NY, so I missed out on the whole trees and flowers thing until much later. But there were some advantages to being in NY. My parents brought me to see quite a … Continue reading

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Occam was wrong

Parsimony has become very popular with scientists and philosophers. The idea is that the simplest explanation for any phenomenon – the one that includes the fewest possible number of causal factors – is the best explanation. This principle was used … Continue reading

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