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Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be traveling for the holiday so I will not be posting anything until Monday Nov. 30. I hope all who read this have a great Thanksgiving. Peace and joy to all.

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Tank God (not a typo)

After eating, I was feeling pretty good. I swam down to the castle, where, as usual, Blackie and Angel were having their daily discussion, or argument (depending on their respective moods). Same topic of course, – science vs. religion. Blackie … Continue reading

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I believe in human exceptionalism. I believe that human consciousness, creativity, intellect, imagination and other characteristics are emergent qualities with no true analogy in the animal world. I believe this as a matter of religious faith (imago Dei), but even … Continue reading

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The Truth About New Biological Information (Continued)

In a previous post (The Reality of Biological Information), I discussed some of the many mechanisms that allow for the production of NEW genetic information without getting into specific examples. In this post I will cite several examples of new … Continue reading

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