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How to Be a Molecular Biologist

It’s easy. All you need to know about molecular biology is that it’s all about DNA. And you don’t need to know what that stands for, or anything else about DNA except this. It’s a really long molecule, like a … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Visit

The dentist did his best with my root canal, and I went home, took some pain killers, and fell asleep. I woke up still feeling drowsy, so I went out into the backyard for some fresh air. Sitting at the … Continue reading

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The Tortoise and the Hare – The Rematch

The hare, having lost the most famous race in history, eventually gathered up his dignity and asked for a rematch. “This time I’ll be careful” he told himself. “I wont be overconfident, I wont get distracted, I wont let my … Continue reading

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The Other Universe

The nice thing about having a blog is that one can write and publish whatever one wants to, without having to go through peer reviewers, editors, or publishers. The bad part of that is that one can end up posting … Continue reading

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The genesis of Genesis

Here is what I think might have happened. Sam the scribe, a very religious man, was hanging in front of his tent one day when he heard the voice of the Lord. “Sam,” boomed the voice. “Get some parchment and … Continue reading

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