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Finding My Faith

  I had an unusual upbringing for a Christian. My parents were dedicated materialistic atheists. They not only didn’t believe in God – they also thought that anything with a spiritual, psychological or non-rational quality was bogus. I grew up … Continue reading

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Experience and Evidence

What is scientific evidence? Can a spiritual experience count as scientific evidence? Most people would say no, but I am not so sure we can say that with absolute certainty. Christians are often asked by atheists “What is your evidence … Continue reading

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Real and Fake

There has been a lot of talk about fake news and what sometimes looks like a “post-truth world” recently. Fake news is obviously a problem in politics. In a similar vein,  fake science is a problem for theology. I will … Continue reading

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The Good News

Welcome to 2017!!  A decade ago I had a book published about the situation of humanity and the environment. My working title for the book was The Good News, because it put forth the claim that contrary to what most … Continue reading

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