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A New Biology of Spiritual Information

The title of this this post is also the title of the grant just awarded to The Natural Philosophy Institute by the John Templeton Foundation. I (Sy Garte) am the Principle Investigator of the award, and I will be assisted … Continue reading

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The genesis of Genesis, Part 2

God said,  “Listen, Sam, I hope you are getting the point here. The plants, using photosynthesis were able to convert the energy from the sun into useful chemical energy by a complex process of electron transport. What a great system. … Continue reading

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The genesis of Genesis

Here is what I think might have happened. Sam the scribe, a very religious man, was hanging in front of his tent one day when he heard the voice of the Lord. “Sam,” boomed the voice. “Get some parchment and … Continue reading

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Magic, Religion, Science

    In the first human conceptions of the world, nobody thought that any part of reality obeyed fixed natural laws. That is the nature of magic, the basis of primitive religions and world views. According to magical thinking, there is … Continue reading

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