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Do we need God?

The answer is no. I will elaborate. We don’t need to believe in God to be good people. I have known many good people who didn’t believe in God, including most of my relatives. We don’t need to know God … Continue reading

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A review of Nicholas Wade’s book A Troublesome Inheritance (modified from a review published in Perspective in Science and Christian Faith

A Troubling Distortion of Science – A Review of A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History by Nicholas Wade. Sy Garte and Aniko Albert The use of pseudo-scientific arguments to advance philosophical and political agendas is quite familiar to … Continue reading

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Faith and Proof

I’ve always loved science. I became a scientist, and I did a lot scientific research in genetics, toxicology, and molecular biology. While I never became a great scientist, I did make a living at it. And I have always read … Continue reading

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