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Magical Thinking, Part 1: Magic and Theism

  There are three broad ways of thinking about the world. The first is the magical view that everything that happens, good or bad, is due to the actions of a conscious agent, who might be benign, capricious, or malevolent. … Continue reading

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A Discussion on Evolution (elsewhere)

A discussion about some of the arguments between Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Creationism has been going on at Biologos for a while. Not for the first time. I am mentioning it here, now, because one of the Biologos commenters, Eddie … Continue reading

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Science, a Crisis of Faith, and Biologos

On the Biologos forum on September 20th, a man named Nathan posted an eloquent and very moving cry for help. He confessed that he was a Christian who was undergoing a crisis of faith, and that he had been moved … Continue reading

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My Grand Unified Theory of Everything

Despite the title, this is not a scientific post. It is metascientific, meaning its sort of like metaphysics, but not really. Metascience is when you talk about scientific stuff, but not really in a scientific way. There are four forces … Continue reading

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