A New Biology

Everyone agrees that evolution by natural selection is real. Some Christians (YECs and IDers) claim it only works for “microevolution” but not for the creation of new species, although AIG now claims that evolution ends above the species level at families or even orders. Evolutionary creationists agree with biologists that evolution applies to speciation and that so-called “macroevolution” operates according to the same principles as microevolution.

I propose that this silly and non-productive argument among Christians should end. Is evolution by natural selection a reality? Yes, no argument. Is the current understanding of all aspects of biological science including evolution and abiogenesis complete and finished. By no means. Also, no argument. So what next?

Let’s focus on that second issue. What areas of scientific uncertainty or downright mystery remain to be solved? (hint: there are lots of them). Let’s see if we can move the field forward by the inclusion of previously “forbidden” ideas such as teleology in biology, the meaning of obvious design, the origin of information, and the beauty and complexity of living systems. I don’t mean that we should use any of these as proofs of God’s providence, but that, as was done for physics a century ago, we expand the science of biology to include tools that are currently considered outside of scientific application. Einstein, Schrodinger and Heisenberg used new mathematical concepts to change the scientific worldview of space, time, matter and energy. Let’s do the same for biology, using all possible tools.

Will we, by doing so, prove that God “did it”? I doubt it. But I would bet that we will find pointers to divine action, much as the fine tuning of the physical constants, and the origin of the universe has provided such pointers. I would bet that we will find similar pointers with more scientific understanding of abiogenesis, and of many aspects of biological evolution, biological regulation, and biological information.

So, to conclude, I am pleading for an end to debates about evolution. Let’s stick to the science, which is certain to lead, as it always has, to the truth, and have faith that that truth, as it always has, will lead us to God.

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3 Responses to A New Biology

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  2. dgilmanjm says:

    Well, hello Sy. Hot topic when we were on Gather.

    I used to believe it until the information started to be taught to me. What caused me to start believing that evolution does not produce families is the fact that actual observations contradict that assertion. New species appear suddenly. Only two things can cause that: creation, or hybridization. New genii (how do you pluralize “genus”?) also appear rapidly. Only two things cause that: Creation and hybridization. I will need actual observation to show that higher taxa are possible by hybridization.

    Another observation that contradicts what I was taught is the fact that the Mexican Cave Fish is the same specie as the surface dwellers in spite of their being separated by 2 million years.

    I would love if you could could come here to Jamaica and examine the Jamaican Cave Shrimp to see if the same is true for them.

  3. Kendra says:

    Thanks greatt blog

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