Life Changes

It certainly does, as every biologist will tell you. And so do individual human lives. Certainly we have all experienced a great deal of change in this remarkable (generally not in a good way) year of 2020.

The change I want to talk about here is about this blog, and my own life of writing, internet posting, YouTube speaking, and my ongoing career in general. Apparently I still do have a career, even though I officially retired five years ago.

In order to keep up with changes in that career I need to make some changes in my blogging life and webpage presence. This post will explain those changes.

I began this blog five years ago, right after my retirement, and for a while was posting several times a month. After the publication of my book The Works of His Hands: A Scientist’s Journey from Atheism to Faith (Kregel Publications) in November 2019, I was advised to use a new website devoted to the book for marketing and publicity purposes. I therefore started a new site: The Works of His Hands for that purpose, and transferred all my new blogs as of early November 2019 to that site.

Not wanting to lose my readers and subscribers from this site, I posted the first paragraph of each new blog (there have been five since that time) here, followed by a link to enable readers here to read the full text of the posts at the new site.

I am now in the process of building a new (third) website – This website will be mostly for the purpose of marketing my current book, as well as any additional books that may be published in the coming years. The new site will also be the repository of much of the information about myself and my history of publications, presentations, videos, and other aspects of my present life in science and faith ministry.

The new site will NOT contain a blog, but will have links to this site, so that readers of the new site can easily access current and previous blog posts here. I will no longer be posting only the first paragraph of new posts here, nor will I be posting any new blog posts on The Works of His Hands. I have already included the full texts of the last five posts on this site.

The following Pages that currently reside on this blog site will be transferred to the new website: About Me, Publications, Presentations, FAQs, Curriculum Vitae, and these pages will eventually be removed from this site.

The webpage currently devoted to my book, The Works of His Hands, will be terminated, and information from that site including About the Author, Contact info (and forms), Endorsements and Reviews, Event Calendar and Excerpts will be transferred to the new site.

So to summarize, in the near future I will have two websites, The Book of Works, which will be limited to blog posts only, and a new comprehensive website –, which will be my main website for everything except blog posts.

Subscribers to this site will continue to receive notifications of new posts, which will be shown in full here. I strongly urge all my subscribers to visit and sign up for the new website, including joining the mailing list for Newsletters available on that site.

Finally I want to thank everyone for their loyalty over the years, for the many wonderful, insightful and uplifting comments you have made to posts during those years, and also express my hope that you will continue to visit this site, read new posts and add your insights.

I also welcome any comments, questions of idea you might have about these changes. Peace be with you.


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2 Responses to Life Changes

  1. SheilaDeeth says:

    Ah, the joys of maintaining, moving, connecting and growing websites. I bury my face in my hands whenever people ask about my “site,” then I click on the link to see where it goes to today. I think (hope) I’ve got all the different bits linked up. And luckily, since no one ever goes there (wherever it is), I rarely have to explain.

    • Sheila
      I think I am beginning to get a sense of that joy, myself. So far it’s taking more time and energy than writing a book! Oh well, we shall see. If you get a chance to look at it, please tell me what you think.

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