Thank you…

Today, August 31, 2017 is the last day of the John Templeton grant that made this blog possible. BUT, it is NOT the last day of the blog. I will be continuing this blog into the future, and have no plans to stop or even slow down.

In fact, I have recently added three new pages to the blog, shown in the top banner.

Publications is an updated list of all of my publications divided into two categories: 1. Recent publications mostly related to science and faith issues, including links to the full papers.  2. A list of my scientific publications, from 1976 through 2010 (over 200). PDF reprints for any of them are available on request.

The second new page is Presentations, which includes the title, venue and a link to the actual video or audio (sometimes both) presentations. This list is not yet completely up to date. Stay tuned.

Finally, I have added a page called FAQs, which is intended as a summary of my views on many subjects related to my Christian faith and science. I link this page whenever I am asked one of the many common questions by someone on social media, to avoid having to answer the same question dozens of times. (This mostly applies to Twitter)

All of these pages will be updated periodically.

I also thought this milestone date would be a good time to summarize some of the facts and data about this blog over the two years of its existence. Since its inception there have been 118 blog posts, including 8 guest posts that have generated 13,964 views, 521 comments and 321 Likes. The blog has attracted 3,773 visitors from 64 countries including at least 20 views each from South Africa, Nigeria, China, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Colombia, and Denmark (and of course, the US). As if today the blog has 65 followers, and attracts about 30 views/day.

Thanks to all my followers, and all others who comment and/or visit this blog. I hope to continue to provide you with interesting material for the foreseeable future. .

I would like to close this post by especially thanking the John Templeton Foundation for funding this project (see the page “John Templeton Foundation” for details)  and in particular Paul Wason, Vice President, Life Sciences and Genetics, and Kevin Arnold, Program Officer, Life Sciences and Genetics, for their unwavering support, encouragement and friendship over the years.

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2 Responses to Thank you…

  1. resonate47 says:

    Sy, I love the new additions to your blog. Your list of publications are incredible. I’m so glad you’re continuing this blog. Your blog has been a tremendous source of enlightenment and encouragement in my life and my walk with Christ. I’ve also learned a great deal about biology from reading your posts (more than I learned in high school for sure). Looking forward to all future posts.

  2. Wow, Ethan, what can I say. Thank you for those words, which make me very happy. Peace and best of luck.

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