An Audio Interview

A couple of weeks ago, I did an audio interview with someone I met on twitter calling himself Max Kolbe (a pseudonym, the real Max Kolbe is a Polish saint). Max runs an anti-atheist group and is very active on twitter. The interview has been posted on the Freedom from Atheism channel that Max runs with some friends.

I am pleased that this blog, as well as my John Templeton Grant are mentioned during the interview. I has some fun doing it, although it is a bit long. Feel free to take a listen when insomnia is keeping you awake, or if you have a long wait at the Motor vehicle bureau. Among the benefits is to hear my (no longer as thick as it used to be) New York accent.

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5 Responses to An Audio Interview

  1. Noah White says:

    Good talk, Sy–the Escaping Atheism guy(s) are (is?) interesting. Probably don’t 100% agree with much of what is said on their material, but at the very least its a refreshing perspective. Your accent is also amazing, btw. Thanks for the link and more provoking thoughts!

  2. resonate47 says:

    I really enjoyed this interview Sy. Some really good stuff here. And northern accents always fascinate me haha. I always wonder if I sound super southern to people who aren’t from Texas. You can ask Mike Beidler, we’ve talked on the phone. Side note, are you attending the BioLogos conference this week?

  3. SheilaDeeth says:

    So that’s what a red diaper baby means. I really enjoyed your discussion, especially that question of free will, secular humanism, and how ideas of atheism have changed.

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